What We Do

Home-Start Torridge & North Devon knows many parents are desperate to do the right thing and give their children the best start in life but, for various reasons, they find themselves fighting against the odds.

Isolation, disability, mental health and relationship breakdowns are just a few of the challenges that can overwhelm parents and undermine their confidence, making them feel such challenges are impossible to overcome.

Home-Start Torridge & North Devon prides itself on helping parents to feel the impossible is possible and, from its base in Bideford, the charity recruits and trains local people as volunteers to support parents with at least one child under 5 across a predominantly isolated and rural part of North Devon.


Our home-visiting service enables volunteers to support families in their own homes and in the local community.

Home-Start Torridge & North Devon currently prioritises rural families and families challenged by disability.

Our Impact

Whether feeling unable to engage in the local community, access universal services or make friends, Home-Start volunteers play an important role in overcoming low confidence, low self-esteem and feelings of isolation.

The project successfully provides a preventative service for families by recruiting and training local people who volunteer to support families in their own homes and communities with a view to meeting those needs  - and it works!

96% of parents engaged in our previous evaluation said that Home-Start had a very high, or high, impact on themselves and their children while 88% of parents suggested that their overall experience of Home-Start support was very good.

“My volunteer helped me see I'm not doing things wrong and recognise my parenting skills are good and that they're good kids, behaving like any other kids their age.”

“Home-Start helped me build my relationship with my son by doing more with him, I hadn't had much motivation before, especially when he was a baby. They helped me see to take the enjoyment he got from the things I started doing with him.”

As a volunteer said “It’s often the smallest things that have the largest impact”.