Want to know what it's like to volunteer with Home-Start Torridge & North Devon? Read some of the feedback we've received from our volunteers on their motivations and the rewards and experiences of helping local families;

Volunteering made me realise I didn’t know the community I’ve been living in for years. Now I’m a lot more patient when I see mums struggling to cope, I’ll stop and chat to them.

Volunteering helps me to keep my skills and my mind fresh.

If I’m completely honest, my own life was in a bit of a rut when I started volunteering, but now it’s given me the confidence to get a paid job working with children and I have a real purpose.”

One volunteer described their experience of being matched with their family;

You can’t expect immediate results, it takes time to build trust but, once you have, it’s amazing how much difference a kind word or a little bit of reassurance makes to a family. As families and volunteers develop friendships, it gets harder to say goodbye, but there is a feeling of reward and success. Don’t underestimate how helpful a chat and a bit of reassurance is for a family, that may be what they need most of all.